Hell In A Cell: WWE Title Aftermath – R-Truth & The Miz Cause Mayhem!

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We’ve just crowned a new WWE Champion in Alberto Del Rio, but as soon as Del Rio is crowned as the new champion of the company, The Miz and R-Truth sneak in, wearing jeans and hoodies. They beat everyone down and kick the referees down. Triple H and John Laurinaitis run down but the Cell is once again lowered, keeping Triple H out. The announcers wonder who just re-lowered the cell. Triple H orders Laurinaitis to the back to open the Cell. Miz and Truth continue their beatdown in the ring as several WWE Superstars run down and try to shake the Cell down. Truth takes out a camera man as Miz beats u a referee.

The whole locker room is trying to get in the Cell now as Truth and Miz continue beating down everyone in the ring. Another camera man in the Cell gets taken out. Security, Superstars and officials are now surrounding the ring, with police. Someone comes down and cuts the lock off the Cell with bolt cutters. Police enter the ring first as Triple H is held back. Truth and Miz surrender to the police and drop to their knees, putting their hands behind their back. Truth and Miz are put in handcuffs, then taken out of the Cell by police. Triple H runs up and takes them both down. Triple H wails away with right hands on both men as they’re in handcuffs. Triple H pushes down Laurinaitis and it’s chaos at ringside. Triple H is going crazy as two men hold him back and try to pull him to the backstage area. Hell in a Cell goes off the air with Triple H behind held back while Miz and Truth are taken away in handcuffs, the whole locker room and officials looking on.

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