Hulk Hogan Asks If He Should Come Back As “Hollywood”, MVP Criticizes TNA Impact

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Hulk Hogan posed the following question to his Twitter followers Friday: “Should Hulk Hogan or should Hollywood Hulk Hogan come back and save the wrestling world. HH or HollywoodHH?” Hogan’s query to return as “Hollywood” garnered an overly negative response as he stated the following hours later: “Ok ok ok guys I get it, the good guy red and yellow, I just thought I would ask,I get it brother.”

MVP gave a critical review of Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling on Twitter. He wrote: “1st time I tune in to Impact to watch @JEFFHARDYBRAND & I see Bischoff’s son angle is more important than the HVYWT title angle?????Hey, at least that angle had Ric Flair cutting a great promo. Without that it would have been beyond insufferable.”

One Response to “Hulk Hogan Asks If He Should Come Back As “Hollywood”, MVP Criticizes TNA Impact”

  1. Washingtonderrick572 says:

    hulk hogan should not come back,he’s a parasite to tna.dixie and her family need to take that company back.spike thinks bischoff is on their side but they’re wrong.eric is on eric’s side.he has no loyalty.russo,hogan,bischoff and flair are killing would be nice to send some triple a stars to tna for jeff jarrett to face.karen angle doesn’t deserve a spot running the knockouts.they barely get noticed now.her mouth is so annoying.if it wasn’t for her body.i wish daffney,roxxi and hamada come back.add a few more women to the divsion.let the knockouts main event a show for a chance.but get rid of the trash.

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