Hulk Hogan Blames Vince Russo For Impact’s Problems, Tonight’s 300 Episode

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The Wrestling Observer reports that Hulk Hogan was overheard saying at last month’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles that Vince Russo was to blame for the quality of Impact Wrestling. Hogan’s remarks were in response to fans telling him that Impact is bad. Hulk was on hand for the event to promote his new video game, Hulk Hogan’s Main Event.

TNA has announced that tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling will be the 300th episode on Spike TV since it debuted back in October of 2005. Matches for tonight’s show include Crimson vs. Robert Roode, Velvet Sky vs. ODB & Jackie in a Handicap Match, Jack Evans vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Tony Nesse in a Destination X Qualifier, Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles vs. Daniels in a four-way, Matt Morgan & James Storm vs. Brother Devon & The Pope, plus Abyss, Scott Steiner, Gunner & Brother Ray vs. Sting & Kurt Angle in the main event, another Handicap Match.