Hulk Hogan Responds To Gay Relationship Allegations By Ex-Wife Linda

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Following Linda Hogan’s claims during an interview that her ex-husband was in a gay relationship with Brutus Beefcake while promoting her memoir, Hogan responded to her claims on his Facebook page.

Previously, Linda was asked via e-mail if Hogan and his longtime friend Brutus Beefcake had an “intimate relationship” She responded with the following: “Wow, let me think about how to answer this so I don’t end up getting a lawsuit. A little bird told me, ‘Yes, they think they did.'”

“Feel sorry for Linda Hogan. I can’t believe how low a person will go, even to lie to hurt others just to stay in her perverted spotlight,” the TNA personality said. “She will have to answer to the power upstairs for her evil lifestyle, I can only pray for her, what a wasted life, God bless her.”

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