Hulk Hogan To Sue Ultimate Warrior, Hogan Claims Warrior Is ‘Out Of His Mind’

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TMZ passed along an article that they posted today, claiming that TNA Wrestling star Hulk Hogan is looking to sue his former WrestleMania opponent Ultimate Warrior due to the false claims he made in a recent video blog and will expand on later. Hogan is claiming alleged defamation. In Warrior’s most recent video blog, Warrior alleges that Hogan is an avid cocaine user, and that his ex-wife Linda used to do sexual favors for Hogan’s wrestling friends.

Hogan notes that he originally called the Warrior video blogs a distraction and that he “tried ignoring” Warrior, but notes that Warrior is now “spewing sewage”. Hogan claims that that drug use claims are a “blatant lie”, and that the Linda claims are also not true. He says “None of that ever happened. This guy is out of his mind”.

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