Hulk Hogan Takes ‘Full Control’ Of TNA Wrestling From Dixie Carter

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Tonight’s March 3, 2011 edition of TNA Wrestling iMPACT! on Spike TV begins with TNA President Dixie Carter coming to the ring liva via tape in Fayetteville, North Carolina, emotionally thanking the fans who have reached out to her online with their moral support. The support over the last few weeks has meant the world to her, but she’s here tonight to share the outcome of the legal proceedings that started last November. While things didn’t go as she had hoped, she can promise us-

Immortal’s music hits, and Eric Bischoff comes out with his crew. Bischoff mockingly wipes tears from his eye and says that he agreed to let her come out here but it wasn’t to do her PR stuff and Twitterize the fans. Before they see her go, Bischoff just wants to say that he respects her and has learned a lot from her, and even though she’s a woman in a man’s world, she has one massive set of balls. Flair gets in Dixie’s face and asks if she’s understands that she’s in Flair Country, and if she had taken his room key that night in Orlando, they would have avoided all this. Instead, she texts, tweets, emails, and voicemails because she thinks the fans are going to love her. Flair says to do the jet flying and limousine riding, a chick needs money and that’s what Flair wants because whoever has the most toys wins the game. He tells her there’s a Holiday Inn right down the road, then introduces the legend and the man who makes everything go…Hulk Hogan! Hulk shows up to work for the first time in three months and triumphantly strolls to the ring to give Dixie a piece of his mind. He says that maybe he’s all amped up because of the electricity in this building or his adrenal glands are pumping so fast that he’s not thinking straight, but he was in the courtroom with Dixie today and he now controls 100% of TNA, from the ring to HIS office in Nashville, he makes all the decisions. As for Dixie, she’s just unemployed. Somewhere along the way, Dixie became delusional, and people call him an egomaniac but nobody became a bigger fan of themselves than she did. He and Eric used her to get back on top of the wrestling business and somewhere along the way, she forgot what her place in TNA is, was, and always will be: she supplies the money, period. It was never about them being partners, it was always about Hulk and his real partner Eric Bischoff using her to get back on top of the wrestling business and they used her and her whole family because she’s a weak woman. All she has left is her dignity, and they’re fixin’ to take that too, but she has one thing left, and that’s all the fans out there. But the fans that love her don’t have much to say about it because he runs this company 100% right now and that’s all there is to the story.

Fortune’s music hits, and they come out to the top of the ramp. AJ Styles tells Immortal they can do this the easy way or the hard way, and Fortune likes doing it the hard way, but there’s a woman in the ring, and Kazarian says they weren’t talking about Bischoff. AJ says they’re talking about Dixie Carter, a woman they care about because she gave them an opportunity and brought them to FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA! AJ has Dixie leave the ring and he walks her up the ramp as Robert Roode tells Hogan that he can’t believe that he was the reason he became a pro wrestler, but there’s an old saying that you should never meet your idols because they’re just going to let you down, and that statement couldn’t be more true. Flair tells Roode that he can kiss his ass and Hogan’s and he can keep walking, so Roode says that instead of kissing his ass, maybe they should kick it. Fortune rushes the ring, but is held back by security and we’re at commercial.

3 Responses to “Hulk Hogan Takes ‘Full Control’ Of TNA Wrestling From Dixie Carter”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone really buying this stupid storyline about that has been Hack Hogan taking control of TNA? Who’s writing this crap anyway? TNA really has become a cheap knockoff of WCW now, and we all know where that wrestling organization ended up….in Vince McMahan’s stable and finally shut down thanks to the egos and incompetence of Hack Hogan and Eric Bitchoff.

  2. niceguy4747 says:

    how can you do what you did to Dixie Carter hogan at 1 time you were the best that they had in Wrestleing now I do not think that way Now I think the good looking Dixie Carter is the BEST

  3. Timadams says:

    what a crock of crap. tna was starting to gain viewers respect and was seen as a real alternative to wwe. now we have biscoff and hogan running around blowing smoke up hardys ass. i for one liked the fact that we got new faces in wrestling now we have new faces in with a microphone. a two hour broadcast has 1 hour talking, 30 mins advrts and 30 mins of sh1te ‘wrestling’. for the record dixie carter should be on impact everyweek she is HOT!

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