Hulk Hogan Tells Followers To ‘Pray’ For Ultimate Warrior, Debunks His Career

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Following claims by WWE Legend the Ultimate Warrior that he plans to “set the record straight” regarding the “real” Hulk Hogan, Hogan responded via his social media accounts, publicly addressing his former WrestleMania VI opponent. “It’s awesome how such grateful positive people live in abundance and how they always try to help and pray for the lost negative people,” Hogan said in a tweet on Thursday.

He then debunked the wrestling career of Warrior, saying that his claim to fame was their match at WrestleMania VI. He added, “If [Warrior] didn’t have that [match], I’m not sure what he’s done. He’s just trying to keep his deal alive. Only pray for him, just hope he stops attracting so much hate into his life. Like attracts like.”

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