Hulk Hogan Says Ultimate Warrior Was A Male Escort, Tommy Dreamer Finishes Up w/TNA

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The war of words between Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior continues. Over the weekend, a fan asked Hulk Hogan the following on Twitter: “I guess its time to bring up The Ultimate Warrior being a male escort in Atlanta again.” Hogan then responded with the following: “He was more than a male escort. You guys figure it out. HH”.

Last night’s TNA Impact Wrestling “Basebrawl” event from Autozone Park in Memphis, Tennessee was actually delayed twice yesterday. In-ring action was therefore delayed to under two hours, according various fans in attendance. The show was also the final event for Tommy Dreamer with the company. Dreamer teamed with Bully Ray to be defeated by AJ Styles and Brother Devon.

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