Husky Harris Gone From WWE, Michael Tarver Still Lingering

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– Former NXT and Nexus member Michael Tarver was seen backstage on RAW once again this week, in the segment where The Miz was walking to the ring for his match with Daniel Bryan. Tarver was seen playing on his cellphone and looking at The Miz. This marks the fourth time Tarver has appeared (and was barely acknowledged) on WWE television in the past several weeks.

– Fellow former NXT and Nexus member Husky Harris has been out of action for several weeks following a skull punt by Randy Orton. It’s interesting to note that his profile page has been added back to the Florida Championship Wrestling website, a sign that he won’t be back on WWE television any time soon. WWE officials were said to be impressed with the young star’s in-ring work, but they feel his look needs work.

4 Responses to “Husky Harris Gone From WWE, Michael Tarver Still Lingering”

  1. Derek says:

    Well of course Husky Harris is gone. I’m not some huge fan of his, but I am a fan of more than one type of look of WWE Superstar. God forbid if they aren’t all 6’5″,300lbs. and have more than 5 moves in their arsenal.

  2. Sintex says:

    LOOKS really ! Come on now the guy is talented. U dont have to be like Dashing Cody Rhodes to make it to the WWE

  3. Hood says:

    Michael Tarver could be RAW anonymous GM

    • humanhighlightreel27 says:

      no because remember john cena beating him up on raw and the gm telling him to stop

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