Identity Of The Man Who Interfered In John Cena’s Match, Hulk Hogan Ads On RAW

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– The man who appeared on the apron tonight at the end of RAW to distract John Cena in his match with CM Punk was FCW Heavyweight Champion Mason Ryan. Ryan appeared to be aligning himself with CM Punk until he laid Punk out with a big boot. Ryan then lifted up John Cena and laid him out with a big side slam.

Punk then got back in Ryan’s face and they had a staredown. Ryan bowed to one knee in front of Punk and raised his fist. Punk then put the Nexus armband on Ryan, welcoming him to the group. No word yet if he will be using Mason Ryan on the RAW roster.

– Tom from Wilmington, North Carolina sent word that tonight’s sponsor of RAW, Rent-A-Center, was showing the ads with Troy Aikman and Hulk Hogan during tonight’s RAW in his area.

– The main event of next week’s WWE RAW will be a Champion vs. Champion match with World Heavyweight Champion Edge taking on WWE Champion The Miz.

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