In-Depth, Backstage Details On Edge Retiring From WWE

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As noted before, Edge has legitimately retired from WWE due to issues with his neck that haven’t been improving. Edge had been talking about retiring in two years but told someone as recent as a few weeks ago that he felt like he had five more years left.

It’s said that Edge has some writing projects that he will be working on and that he knows what he wants to do with his life and those plans don’t have much to do with wrestling. The feeling is that Edge will always stay affiliated with WWE but won’t be someone you see working full time behind-the-scenes as an agent or something.

Regarding Edge and the World Heavyweight Title, there was some confusion at RAW last night as to why WWE didn’t put Alberto Del Rio over at WrestleMania 27 if they knew there was even a small chance that Edge would be leaving soon.

While WWE’s announcement notes that Edge got his MRI results the Monday after WrestleMania, sources indicate that he’s been feeling more intense pain for a few weeks now but didn’t think he would be forced to retire. Had they known Edge would have to retire, more emphasis would have been put on the WrestleMania match to make it feel more special.

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