In-Depth Backstage Details On R-Truth’s Suspension From WWE

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Regarding R-Truth’s suspension from WWE this week becoming public, his violation came weeks ago around the same time Evan Bourne was caught violating the Wellness Policy, but WWE didn’t suspend him at the time because of their plans for his role at the Survivor Series pay-per-view, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Both him and Bourne, who is almost through his 30-day suspension at this point, were tested at the same day, the day after they were allegedly smoking synthetic “spice” marijuana at a party. Both of their suspensions remain a hot button issue backstage within the wrestlers.

Truth was told about his Wellness violation at the same time Bourne was informed, but he was never told that he would be suspended. Truth didn’t know that he was going to be suspended until the day WWE confirmed it via their website on November 22nd, according to Also, it should be noted that the writers were not informed of his suspension, either.

As seen by Miz’s attack of Truth, he is expected to return to the company as a babyface with the thought that they could promote his “Little Jimmy” merchandise and it could become a hot-seller. McMahon also sees Truth becoming a top babyface because the company only currently has two on the RAW brand, CM Punk and John Cena.