Informer Dishes On Wrestler Never Wrestling For WWE Again, Sibling Rivalry, More

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The WWE Informer, a kayfabe informant that was recently re-introduced by WWE via Twitter and a column on, has returned with a new column. Unlike many past columns, however, many seem to be in line with things that we have reported over the past few weeks.

The “Informer” mentioned that a recent WWE Diva has recently become a big hockey fan and noted that it may explain her “new explosive temper and penchant for fisticuffs”. This may be hinting at Kelly Kelly, who is now reportedly going out with Dallas Stars defencemen Sheldon Souray.

The Informer also reports on a “sibling rivalry” brewing within the company, with him (the Informer is clearly a man based on the graphic on noting that a “WWE Legend wants to return at WrestleMania to face his brother in the ring”. We noted yesterday that it was Goldust who wanted to return to the ring against current WWE star, Cody Rhodes, who is his real-life half-brother.

Finally, he mentioned Chris Jericho’s recent tweet that he would “never wrestle for WWE again” and even took a jab at the excessive use of Twitter Monday on RAW by writing “You knew I had to shamelessly work Twitter into my column this week after Monday’s Raw”.

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