Is John Cena Dead? Nasty Rumors Gets Life Of Its Own On Twitter

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Twitter is infamous for prematurely announcing the deaths of celebrities over the years and today was no different. Earlier this morning WWE wrestler John Cena was at the forefront of the false hoax on Twitter which got started by people that are not fans of John Cena.

Just like any other Twitter hoax, because of how rampant that tweets were coming, genuine fans of John Cena that were concerned about his condition began searching on Twitter and search engines on the condition of John Cena and whether he was indeed dead.

However, just like other hoaxes on Twitter, it just ended up to be a hoax. Cena addressed the rumor on his Twitter account by saying: “Apparently last night I was shot dead by a group of thugs. I also was apparently owned by the rock. Both just internet rumor. :)

Cena is currently in a rivalry with WWE Champion the Miz on WWE’s flagship program Monday Night RAW on the USA Network. He and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson have also been slinging mud at each other as of late since the Rock made his return to the company three weeks ago. Last night, Johnson addressed Cena by dissing the rap Cena did on him the week prior, asking him if that was the best that he could do and addressing the fans by saying that he loves the business.

Personal photos of John Cena getting married to his current wife

6 Responses to “Is John Cena Dead? Nasty Rumors Gets Life Of Its Own On Twitter”

  1. Nchetty3 says:

    People are sick

  2. bookie says:

    how can they do this to us????!!!!!!

  3. Liz says:

    Why do people do this????Why …Children crazy about him..

  4. morero mapena says:

    i look up to John.him and I are two different characters.To try and be like him is merely impossible,however i can learn from him a thing or two.Being humble is the pre-eminent virtue that he has and standing up for oneself too.At 19 and still watching WWE is conciderd rather childish,it is more than just watching.There has to be a certain character that has you sitting on the edge of your seat and that is Sir John for me…AND ARENT I GLAD THAT IT IS JUST A RUMOUR

  5. wwefan123 says:

    thank god he isnt dead

  6. Anonymous says:

    thank heavans the cena isnt dead,the stupid roumors

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