Is The Rock Scheduled To Be On Tonight’s WWE RAW?

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According to the sources that I’ve talked to exclusively, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is not scheduled to be at tonight’s WWE RAW from Fresno, California. The Rock made his return to World Wrestling Entertainment in a live WWE ring for the first time in seven years last Monday night.

The source I talked to said that WWE wants to build anticipation around the Rock’s WrestleMania return in April and doesn’t want to go the route that they went with Bret Hart last year where the novelty of Hart was worn out by the time WrestleMania 26 rolled around last year in his match with Vince McMahon. The feeling is that WWE will have him return either one or two more times before WrestleMania in six weeks in order to have him build the hype surrounding WrestleMania. However, it is not expected that the Rock will be a weekly fixture in TV programming in the coming weeks, as he hinted to in his promo last Monday night.

However, since RAW is being taped from Fresno, California — which Johnson is not far from — it is possible that he will appear on tonight’s broadcast to follow-up on his promo last week and possibly confront either John Cena or the Miz. During last week’s broadcast when the Rock appeared on the show to do an in-ring segment, a million additional viewers tuned in to watch his promo. So it is possible that going into tonight’s show, WWE end up using him to get additional viewers hooked into the programming heading into the most important month of the company all year. My source, however, is saying Johnson will not be appearing on the show.

High definition shots of the Rock last week on RAW

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  1. AcesJD says:

    I hope the Rock is there! Even a taped segment of the Rock would be awesome…but I can see WWE’s point, the novelty of the Rock will be worn out by Wrestlemania 27. However unlike Bret Hart, it is the Rock. To me the novelty never runs out with The Rock being there.

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