JBL Talks Chris Benoit, Tonight’s SummerSlam, Why He Left WWE & Making A Return

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Former WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield answered a few questions on his Facebook page. JBL talks about why he left WWE, tonight’s SummerSlam, a possible return, Chris Benoit, and more

– Summerslam this weekend with a great storyline. Excited to see what happens. Have no idea what is planned going down the road so have no idea who is going over. Hard to stop the momentum that CM Punk has though! John Cena is a guy who has gotten to the point he doesn’t need the title and is still a draw. Taking the title off of CM could derail his momentum. But again…WWE is at its best when they do the unexpected, which they have been doing very well lately.

– Why did I leave WWE? Question I get all the time, I will answer again. I was hurt and couldn’t wrestle anymore-it was time for me to move on.

– Will I return? Don’t know, probably not. However, I am on good terms and who knows what will happen. They have not asked so it has not come up to me as an option. I am happy right now working with some great folks in Bermuda with kids and gangs and playing golf daily.

– Did I see a dark side to Benoit? No, I knew him very well-and probably the best match I ever had was with him in a spot show in Mexico, it was just a day where everything we did was right (an unreal feeling, that I remember to this day-Chris came through the curtain with his arms overhead he was so happy as was I). I can’t believe what happened. I found it hard to believe when people said they knew people who did terrible things and that they seemed normal-well, that is what happened with Chris. Heartbreaking to this day.

– CM Punk and Cena-asked to comment-I love it, blurs the line. In a few weeks I am going to write a paper on how to be a heel and a lot of it is blurring the line. These guys have done it well. CM Punk should stay with WWE, imo, because that’s where the huge exposure and money is and he can do whatever he wants after that.

– My farewell-did I think I deserved more? No, it was my idea how I went out. I thought the character JBL should go out in a huff quitting-that’s how I pictured JBL leaving. I handpicked Rey due to the Eddie tie in, and my respect for Rey. I am happy going out that way, I actually wanted to get beat in 3 seconds and that was the plan, but changed to give Rey a bigger comeback. At that point due to my health, I had no way of wrestling any kind of match-that was really all I could do.

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