Jeff Hardy Due Back In Court Today, Future TNA Wrestling Spoiler, More

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Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy is due back in court today for the drug charges against him in North Carolina.

The dark match before last night’s TNA iMPACT tapings saw Robbie E. defeat Bobby Shields. Shields is a graduate of Taz’s wrestling dojo. Another Team Taz graduate, Jake Tarr, lost to Douglas Williams in Monday’s dark match.

There is a plan in place to break up Generation Me, which was evident after Sunday’s Victory Road pay-per-view. Max and Jeremy Buck were originally supposed to split up a month or two ago. The brothers wrestled each other in a match this week taped for TNA Xplosion.

2 Responses to “Jeff Hardy Due Back In Court Today, Future TNA Wrestling Spoiler, More”

  1. Nancy DeMusz says:

    About jeff hardy this is a fake. He should not be fired!!!!! You will lose ratings. He should be a good guy know. that will for sure send the ratings way up. You already have abyss as a bad guy. I have a very bad back witch effects my ability to do allot of things I wish I could do. Jeff needs a chance to rest. He is a good person I stumble when I walk and where a brace. Everyone should be given a chance. The best thing is to for him to get help with his back. I know from experience. Tna would loose a great person. I think It was all planned that way. Don’t get rid of him you will be very sorry!!!! Trust me I know how It feels. Thank you.

    • Derek says:

      I have seen many things come and go, and never once has a group of wrestling writers gotten anything over on internet fans for more than a few days. This was not a storyline. Jeff Hardy made a decision to get F’d up before a show, therefore he doesn’t deserve a job. I have a bad back too but it really has nothing to do with Hardy showing up in no shape to perform. There are far too many undiscovered wrestlers in the world to leave Hardy in this position. I’m also confused as to how Hardy not performing will drop ratings. Hardy’s behavior has caused more problems than getting rid of him could possibly cause. He has a history of showing up that way, and just did it to TNA last December. With as many bad decisions as TNA makes on a day to day basis, I hope keeping Jeff Hardy won’t be another one. I understand you being a fan, as he is very fun to watch, but putting people in danger because of your inability to stay sober is an unforgivable offense.

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