Jeff Jarrett Weighs In On TNA Wrestling Changing The Name Of Its Company

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At Tuesday’s TNA iMPACT! tapings from Orlando (set to air next Thursday, (5/2), Mick Foley was revealed to be the person from “the network” that has been keeping Hulk Hogan in line. Foley came out and interrupted a promo by Immortal, informing them that TNA iMPACT! will now be known as “Impact Wrestling” – and the show will be “all about wrestling” – a clear jab at WWE, which has been distancing itself from everything “wrestling” in recent months. Later in the show, they actually re-shot the entire segment, with Mick Foley saying that the show is no longer “TNA” – but “Impact Wrestling”.

This led to some confusion as to whether it was the company name that was changing – or just the name of the television show. In response to the confusion – Hulk Hogan tweeted the following on Wednesday, which appeared to indicate that the “TNA” name is no more: “No TNA. only IMPACT. HH”

On Friday, TNA star Jeff Jarrett responded to fans asking him about whether it was TNA’s company name that was changing to “Impact Wresling” – or just the iMPACT! television show. Jarrett responded: “Impact…it’s now Impact Wrestling.”

Based on what we’ve been hearing in recent weeks, there has been serious talk of rebranding the entire company “Impact Wrestling” and phasing out the “TNA” letters in the coming months. However at this point, after a week of conflicting and confusing information, it appears just the television show is being renamed.

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