Jesse Neal Talks About Leaving TNA, The Food Stamps Rumor, More

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Former TNA Wrestling Superstar Jesse Neal, who recently parted ways with the company, took part in an interview with Running with the Ropes where he talked about rumors earlier this year that he was receiving government food stamps, why he decided to leave the company, and more. Below are a few highlights:

— Neal noted that, like our reports have noted in the past, Neal decided to leave the company because the company requested that he train at their new developmental league, OVW, in Louisville, Kentucky. While Neal was open to it, he decided to pass because their salary offer “wasn’t anything close to live on.” He claimed that management even suggested that he get a side job if he needed more money.

— Neal denied reports that he was receiving food stamps this year. He did note, however, that he was almost kicked out of his one bedroom apartment several times this year because he couldn’t afford to pay rent.

— Neal praised TNA writer Vince Russo, who he says worked with him on his promos.

— Regarding Christina Von Eerie, who worked with him in TNA as Toxinn, he said she was never under contract with TNA. The two are currently dating in real-life.