Jesse Ventura Denies Tailgating Story, Threatens Lawsuit

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Wrestling legend Jesse “The Body” Ventura is denying a story by TMZ that he was tailgating a car in San Fernando Valley in California on Monday. TMZ claimed in the story that when he was questioned about why he was tailgating the vehicle by police, he said that the driver was driving too slowly. The story then alleged that the excuse was good enough and that the former Governor of Minnesota was let go with a warning.

Ventura, however, is denying the story and is threatening a lawsuit against the website because he claims that he hasn’t been in California since July. “My attorney is on it, we are going to threaten a lawsuit on this,” he told the Alex Jones radio broadcast on Wednesday. “This is a fabricated story.”

Ventura insists that the reason the story, which has become a front page story in the state he was Governor of from 1999-2003, was released as part of a smear campaign.