Jim Ross Blog: Another Barry Windham Update, Survivor Series Main Event, Lita

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Jim Ross has updated his blog at JRsBarBQ.com where the WWE Hall of Famer gives us another health update on Barry Windham, Lita being backstage at RAW Monday and the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view. Below are a few highlights:

JR on Lita being backstage at RAW Monday: Good seeing Amy Dumas in Atlanta. She’s staying busy but was smart w/ her money and owns property in Atlanta and Nicaguara. Still looks great and has a wonderful spirit. A true pleasure to be around. ‘Lita’ likely can help the biz in many ways including, perhaps, a short term run as Lita but could certainly help greatly in WWE developmental.

JR on a Barry Windham health update: Barry Windham’s primary issue is dealing with his recent heart attack but I’m told he’s stable and receiving good care. BW was an amazing talent back in the day and at one time was arguably top 3-4 in the world.

JR on the main event of Survivor Series: Seems to me that the ‘hook’ for Survivor Series is whether or not John Cena & The Rock will maim each other while teaming which could lead to bigger days down the road. Honestly, Miz & Truth winning in the newly remodeled MSG would shock me but who knows? Intriguing and vital night for WWE on tap at their next PPV.

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