Jim Ross Blog: CM Punk The Next Steve Austin?, WWE’s Underused Star, ROH vs TNA

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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, as well as the man that returned to the RAW announce booth Monday night, has his latest blog entry up, talking about the latest Steve Austin film as well as comparing CM Punk to the “Texas Rattlesnake”. Below are a few highlights of his blog. You can check out his blog in his entirety at JRsBarBQ.com.

The New Steve Austin DVD Project: “What details do I know about the Stone Cold DVD that is being produced? I know that Steve is really hands on the project and will be involved throughout the production of the entire project, that a WWE camera crew & a producer spend parts of three days at Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch in South Texas earlier this week, and that no subjects were ‘off limits’ as Steve told me he talked about a litany of controversial topics that he had never addressed before on any other DVD including some of an extremely personal nature. I don’t know the release date of this multi disc set but it will be after October 25 when the much anticipated HBK-Hitman Rivalry DVD is released but in time for holiday shopping.”

Will ROH’s New Show Hurt TNA?: “Do I think that ROH will adversely affect TNA once ROH begins airing their weekly, syndicated TV show? Likely not. Wrestling fans have proven over time that if multiple brands are compelling enough that they will watch. While my focus is on WWE, I am a fan of the genre and wish success to whoever is earning a living in it. ”

Is CM Punk the Next Steve Austin?: “I hope not. I hope that Punk is simply the best CM Punk that he can be. The best for Punk has yet to come in my view. Punk being compared to Austin is inevitable because both are ‘defiant’ and ‘anti establishment’ persona’s but their in ring styles, body types, etc are distinctly different.”

Who’s the Most Underutilized Persona in WWE?: That’s a loaded question. Could be several people, if those people were asked the same question. Zack Ryder fans would say Zack, etc. I might suggest William Regal who has a refined, multiple skill set who can wrestle, talk, manage, train talent and broadcast.

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