Jim Ross Blog: Triple H Taking Over RAW & Addressing CM Punk, More

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WWE Hall of Famer and former WWE announcer Jim Ross is updated his website JRsBarBQ.com with a brand new blog entry, which you can view in its entirety at his website. Below, however, are a few of the highlights that the recent Lou Thesz Award winner had to talk about this week:

On receiving his Lou Thesz Award: We had a great time in Waterloo, Iowa this past weekend. Receiving the Lou Thesz Award was a magnificent honor for me. My speech ran a little longer than the 5 minutes alotted but when does a former ring crew/ref get an award of this magnitude? Once in a lifetime.

The new “Triple H” era being in charge: The beginning of the ‘HHH era’ of Monday Night Raw begins in a few hours. It should be an interesting night. I’m confident that the ‘Cerebral Assassin’ is ready for this new, exciting role as he is a true student of the game who has been a life long fan. I’m anxious to see what the ‘lay of the land’ resembles after Raw goes off the air tonight.

I’m equally curious to see how HHH addreses the CM Punk situation which, one could assume, is a timely issue that at some point must be addressed. Will that be tonight or at some later time? The WWE Title is the centerpiece of WWE in my view and as I write this blog Punk is still the champion but he’s noticeably absent from the scene but is certainly not ‘going away’ at least in the minds of the fans.

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