Jim Ross Blogs On WWE Touring Mexico, Chyna Debuting With TNA, WWE/Managers

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Former WWE announcer and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog section of his website JRsBarBQ.com, talking about WWE touring Mexico, WWE utilizing managers again, Chyna’s return to wrestling with TNA, and the best match of the week. Below are a few of the highlights:

– How did WWE do in Mexico City? HUGE…almost 20,000 people and a live gate hovering just under $1M. WWE will produce TVs in Mexico City this fall which has been on the drawing board from quite some time. W/ Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, and now Sin Cara in the fold, WWE has significantly strengthened its position in the Mexico marketplace as their TV ratings indicate. Strong TV clearances in Mexico has been vital to WWE’s growth there too.

– Will WWE begin to utilize managers again? Not sure what the story on that is but apparently Michael Hayes filled that role with Tyson Kidd on WWE Superstars this week which can be seen on http//www.wwe.com now. I assume ‘PS’ wore attire from his ‘Don Cornelius/Soul Train’ collection. If WWE does utilize ‘managers’ it will be new again and some key, manager additions can help younger talents in a variety of ways. I am a fan of managers. Arn Anderson would make a great mentor/manager IMO.

– What are my thoughts on Chyna returning to TV? Happy for her. Why wouldn’t I be? She needs to earn a living too. Not sure where she is as it relates to her passion for the genre any longer but she is earning a pay day. For the record, I still don’t endorse women wrestling men plus I never said Chyna was undeserving of Hall of Fame consideration as some misinterpreted.

– Best match of the week on TV? Hard to say…subjective question but I enjoyed Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan on Smackdown about as much as anything, off the top of my head, that I saw all week. Cara is unique and Bryan is vastly underrated. Both men are innovative.

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