Jim Ross Blogs On Returns Of Chris Jericho & Batista, FCW Visit, 2012 HOF

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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog at his website JRsBarBQ.com where he discusses his recent visit of FCW, possible 2012 WWE Hall of Fame inductees, the possibility of Chris Jericho and Batista returning, Kurt Angle’s 2012 Olympics aspirations, and more. Below are a few highlights:

JR on his recent FCW visit: My most recent trip to FCW in Florida was good. WWE has several, potential main eventers that are being groomed as we speak. No one candidate sticks out head and shoulders above the rest but there are many athletes that I feel will be in the hunt for a WWE roster spots sooner than later.

Many of the athletes need to focus on slowing down a knotch or two from bell to bell and to continue to dedicate themselves to the strength and conditioning program which I feel should be 100% mandantory. Being around the prospects is always a refreshing time for me as they all seemingly want an opportunity to live their dream by becoming a WWE star. I tell them to set their sights on headlining Wrestlemania and not to settle for simply earning a spot on the roster.

JR on the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame: No idea who will be inducted into the WWE HOF in 2012 other than the unofficial announcement in Mexico City of Mil Mascaras who is the uncle of Alberto Del Rio and one of the biggest, masked stars in the history of the business. Yes, to those that ask, I feel that Ron Simmons is deserving of a WWE HOF nod. Among many.

JR on Kurt Angle’s 2012 Olympics aspirations: Is Kurt Angle serious about trying to make the US Olympic Wrestling team? Absolutely serious according to Jerry Brisco. Kurt visited Jerry Brisco while Jerry was in a Pittsburgh hospital recently and re-enforced such with Brisco with who Angle is still close. Jerry was a coach/mentor to Kurt during Angle’s WWE run. BTW, Jerry is feeling MUCH better after having two stents put in his neck area for two, seperate blockages that had previously gone undetected.

JR on Batista and Kurt Angle’s WWE futures: Do I think that Chris Jericho and Dave Batista have wrestled their last matches in WWE? No…but that may simply be my personal, wishful thinking. Few performers want to walk away when there’s gas left in the tank and with good paydays to be earned. Plus, being on WWE TV is a global marketing tool that furthers other endeavors. Just my two cents and, again, because I like both men’s work it may be simply wishful thinking on my part.

JR on John Morrison’s future: I’m not bothered by John Morrison leaving WWE and choosing to step away from the day to day rigors of the business to allow his body to heal and to recharge his creative batteries. No one can predict when Morrison will return to the ring but I suspect it will be serveral months. I think stepping away from weekly travel in a demanding business that has no off season is a wise thing to do if one has the ability to do so especially if one has had injury issues. John is still a young guy and I will be surpised if he doesn’t return to WWE better than ever and in a much better position.