Jim Ross Comments On Warrior-Hogan, Scott Hall’s Condition, Nash

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WWE Hall of Famer and former announcer Jim Ross has updated his blog section over at JRsBarBQ.com. This week, he talks about the latest Legends Roundtable that was taped to air later this summer, talking to Kevin Nash and getting an update on Scott Hall’s condition, and his thoughts on the ongoing Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan war of words. Below are a few of the highlights:

JR on the latest Legends Roundtable: Great week of TV production this week in Stamford at WWE HQ. The nWo 15th Anniversary Legends Roundtable airs on WWE On Demand in July. Kevin Nash, Gene Okerlund and JJ Dillon were able to provide some great insight to the WCW/nWo days. @RealKevinNash is still in great shape and still has some fuel in the tank the the desire to use it. Kevin added a great deal to the panel on the nWo discussion. It’s a program that could have multiple parts if WWE wants to revisit it at some point. I did ‘wrap arounds’ for three Monday Night Raw shows and three Monday Nitro Shows for WWE On Demand’s Monday Night Wars series. These specific shows will air in the fall.

JR on Scott Hall’s condition: Kevin said Scott Hall was doing “much, much better” as of recent days and that Scott was likely going to be the subject of a feature on ESPN. I was really happy to hear that Scott was getting healthier. I can attest to the fact that Scott Hall has one of the most creative minds in the business or at least he did when I was around him back in the day. Scott always possessed great wrestling instincts and had the ability to process in ring content and promo material as well as anyone.

JR on Hulk Hogan-Ultimate Warrior war of words online: What do I think of the recent Hulk-Warrior war of words? Nothing. It’s none of my business and I’m not interested in following what appears to be a ‘pissing contest.’

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