Jim Ross Comments On WrestleMania 28 Ticket Sales, Survivor Series Sunday, DWTS

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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog entry where Ross talks about WrestleMania 28 ticket sales, Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, the potential for Ross to participate in Dancing with the Stars and more. Below are a few highlights:

Ross on WrestleMania 28 ticket sales: Rock vs. @JohnCena on April 1. 2012 has WM28 being a hot ticket with over 43,500 tickets already sold and with some projecting that this mega event could gross around $9M in ticket sales when all is said and done in South Florida.

Ross on Sunday’s Survivor Series: Potential show stealer Sunday in my view is CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Title. Two, prideful men who have the opportunity that they will most certainly embrace and take deadly serious in a professional manner. I’m predicting a @CMPunk WWE title win Sunday BTW. Every wrestler with pride in what they do should want to create their own ‘MSG Moment’ as those live in one’s heart for a lifetime.

Ross on Dancing with the Stars: Finally, I had a Hollywood type contact me to ask if I was interested in trying to get on Dancing With The Stars coming off the heels of Monday’s Raw in Boston. I said, no thanks and to stop the maddness. The purely-for- entertainment skit that we did last Monday on Raw should have proved to any one with sight that I have no dancing skills. However, I am grateful to those that commented on Twitter @JRsBBQ that they were entertained and got a laugh out of the craziness.

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