Jim Ross, Grandmaster Sexay Return Part Of Ongoing Lawler/Cole WWE Storyline

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The following are the results for the Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler angle that took place tonight on WWE RAW from St. Louis, which featured the surprise returns of Grandmaster Sexay (Brian Christopher Lawler) and Jim Ross. Derek and I will be talking about this in depth tonight during WrestleHeat Radio as soon as RAW goes off the air tonight. Check back here on WrestleHeat.com after RAW tonight to get the audio for the weekly radio broadcast:

Back from commercial and we see highlights of Steve Austin’s return where he was named the special referee for WrestleMania. Michael Cole is in the ring and says the people enjoyed it when Austin put himself into Cole’s main event at WrestleMania. Cole guarantees that Austin will have minimal effect when he beats Jerry Lawler at WrestleMania. Cole directs his attention at Lawler and says he knows he doesn’t like it when someone talks about Lawler’s family – living or dead. Cole calls out Lawler’s son, former WWE star Brian Christopher. He comes out dancing to his Grand Master Sexay music.

Lawler looks on as Christopher dances into the ring and Cole dances around. Cole asks him why he never used the Lawler name in WWE. Christopher says he never had a father growing up because Jerry Lawler was off around the world being the King. Christopher says Lawler neglected him and never really wanted a child. Christopher steps out of the ring in front of the announcer’s table now. Christopher says when he made it to WWE, Lawler wouldn’t even acknowledge he was his son. Lawler grabs a mic and says Christopher isn’t the only one that’s glad he didn’t use the Lawler name. Lawler says Christopher is a bigger screw-up than Charlie Sheen. Christopher asks Lawler how it feels to know he competed at WrestleMania as Too Cool before he did. Christopher says he was one of the biggest WWE stars at one time. Christopher asks Lawler again how that makes him feel and shoves him twice. Christopher mushes Lawler in the face and says he’s ashamed of him. He drops the mic and walks off as Lawler looks on. Cole calls Lawler a coward and a loser. Cole says he will put Lawler in his place at WrestleMania. The music hits and out comes Jim Ross to a big pop!

JR enters the ring and Cole says it must be a slow week on Twitter or in the BBQ world. Ross tells Cole everything Cole has done has gone far enough. Cole tells JR to just go away. Cole says this is his show now and he is the voice of WWE, not Jim Ross. Ross says he had the privilege for many years of sitting beside Lawler at ringside and to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Ross says nobody will ever be the voice of WWE because the voices of WWE are in the arena tonight, referring to the fans. Ross says Lawler has been carrying Cole on commentary. JR calls Cole a rat bastard and walks off to leave the ring. Cole says he is the bigger man while JR walks out of the ring. Cole says JR has his tail tucked between his legs. JR stops and re-enters the ring.

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