Jim Ross On TNA Billboard Near WWE HQ, The Miz At Dodgers-Giants Game

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Recently, a photo has surfaced online of TNA Wrestling purchasing a billboard of a new advertisement they put up in Stamford, Connecticut, just outside of WWE Headquarters. Jim Ross posted a blog entry addressing the placement: “Yes…I heard about TNA putting up billboards in Stamford, Ct which is the world HQ of WWE. Thoughts? A complete waste of money unless obscure mentions such as this one is what TNA is looking for. Silly expenditure of money IMO. One would think that organization would have bigger and more important fish to fry. However, what TNA does isn’t any of my business or concern but the question was asked and has now been addressed. I would guess that many WWE, Stamford based employees learned of TNA for the first time via the local billboards.”

Former WWE Champion and RAW Superstar The Miz noted today on his Twitter account that he will be throwing out the first pitch during the Dodgers and Giants game during their game on Wednesday. He joked that he is “hoping for the Ricky Vaughn entrance.”

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