Jim Ross On Taking Part In WWE Tapings In Mexico, Being A ‘Sell Out’, A JBL Return

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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog at his website JRsBarBQ.com. This time around, JR talks about his experience at the RAW tapings Saturday from Mexico, JBL possibly making a WWE return, and the latest edition of Legends roundtable. Below are a few highlights:

JR on flying out to Mexico on short notice last week: I received short notice, as in Thursday night, for my trip this past weekend to Mexico City but it was an eventful and historic trip nonetheless. Being a part of the first Monday Night Raw ever in Mexico will be memorable. The live crowd was unique in that they were very traditional in the way that they reacted to what they saw. The high fliers seemed to be the most popular by and large.

It appeared that many fans did not understand much of what was being said in English. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio was cheered heavily at times with the crowd chanting “Mexico, Mexico” to the man who will team with Michael Cole tonight to face John Cena and yours truly on Monday Night Raw.

JR on JBL possibly making a WWE return: John addressed this himself a week ago and said he would love to be the Raw GM but the monied Texan isn’t interested in returning to the ring as a wrestler. JBL is a great talker who would be an asset in any WWE platform that he was placed. Bottom line, I don’t see John returning for just for the hell of it as his lifestyle right now is enviable. JBL spends a great deal of time playing golf in Bermuda where he primarily resides.

JR on being a “gutless sellout” for continuing to work for WWE after how he’s been treated: These critiques, eye rollers to say the least, must be coming from bottom feeding adults or kids who have never had a job and are still living with mommy and daddy. Other than by a handful of individuals, I am treated wonderfully in WWE so please don’t base what you see on a TV and confuse it with day to day life.

JR on the latest Legends Roundtable: It should be an interesting evening Wednesday when Mean Gene hosts the next, two Legends Roundtable discussions that feature Michael Hayes, DDP, Roddy Piper, and me. Should be an entertaining panel if everyone speaks openly, honestly and utilizing ‘sound bytes’ so that friendly, confrontation and conversation can ensue. I love these productions and feel that they are as much, if not more fun, than broadcasting weekly TV.

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