Jim Ross Receives Criticism From WWE Fans For Calling Kharma “Fat”

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Following Kharma announcing live on the air that she was pregnant and walking away from WWE until after she gives birth to the baby, and then talking about her pro wrestling aspirations — including her trying out for WWE years earlier on Tough Enough, only to be rejected by Jim Ross for being “fat” — Ross has received criticism from fans on Twitter. Fans have been tweeting Ross, saying that he is a hypocrite for denying Kharma a job because of her weight when he himself is “fat”, too.

“Lots of angry folks,” Ross wrote on his Twitter account after all the backlash. “Ask @Kharma the story. She’s a wrestler & not a typical WWE Diva. King havin fun w/ OKC Thunder. Yes, I’m fat. Duh.” Tweets directed toward Ross included, “Jim Ross said someone was too fat? Talk about the pot calling the kettle morbidly obese” and “For real, Jim Ross is a d**k for calling her fat Im actually glad Kane set him on fire now, your blog cant save you now, JR”.

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