Jim Ross Talks About Kevin Nash’s SummerSlam Appearance, Hints At RAW Return

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Jim Ross blogged about last night’s SummerSlam and Kevin Nash’s return yesterday, hinting that we’ll be hearing more about it tonight on RAW.

“Punk pins Cena in a controversial bout. Tuf break for Cena. KEVIN NASH!!! WTH?! Nash destroys Punk. Mr MITB on the scene. Del Rio cashes in,” Ross wrote. “Del Rio cashes in MITB contract……beats Punk….Kevin Nash destroys Punk….to set Punk up. Tons of unanswered questions but a new champ. Kevin Nash shocker! What’s up w/ that? Kliq strikes again? Another agenda? Will we know why on Raw? It beats me.”

Ross wasn’t apart of the SummerSlam announce booth even though he said he was going to be before the show.

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