Jim Ross Talks About WWE’s Australia Tour, HBK’s New TV Show, More

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Jim Ross posted a new blog entry over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, talking about WWE’s tour of Australia, Bret Hart, the new television series of Shawn Michaels, and more. Below are a few highlights of the interview:

– Speaking of Australia, WWE Raw talents are finishing up a 5 day tour there today. This tour will generate well over $3M in ticket sales revenue notwithstanding what the WWE will garner at their merchandise stands. Two live events had whopping 1.1M gates.

– Happy belated birthday to our good friend and WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart whose B-Day was yesterday if I’m not mistaken. @BretHart was a pleasure to see when last we were in Stamford together for the HBK/Hitman DVD. Bret looks great and seems to be very happy. He will always be one of my favorite wrestlers and Bret is often overlooked in how much of a positive influence Hitman had on Steve Austin’s career in WWE. These two had some amazing bouts including one of my all time favorites at WM13.

– Another emailer took me to task about my opinion on hunting and particularly endorsing Shawn Michaels new adventure/hunting show on the Outdoor Life Network. I assume it’s a generational thing as my Dad used to hunt and we processed and ate everything he harvested over the course of the year from Venison Sausage to quail. Dad’s hunting helped our struggling family with our grocery bill and provided a source of lean, protein to supplement the beef, pork and chicken we raised on our farm. Another issue is the over population of some species. Either hunters are allowed to harvest these animals in a systematic, controlled manner or a respective state’s wildlife department will handle it.

@shawnmichaels- _ can be followed on Twitter and I hope that fans support his show and stay tuned for more great things coming from Shawn as he begins ‘phase two’ of his professional career now that his in ring wrestling days have ended.