Jim Ross Undergoes Successful Surgery, Del Rio Says He’s A Better Wrestler Now

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WWE Hall of Famer and former announcer Jim Ross underwent stomach surgery this past week. Shortly following the surgery, Ross said the following on Wednesday night: “Surgery done. 11 staples used, came home, bleeding restarted, back to doc & now resting @ home. Sore but will be ok. Thx 2 all. Got a nice call from friend @steveaustinBSR tonite checking on me. That’s what friends do. SCSA loved his ‘Raw’ experience BTW.”

Alberto Del Rio recently talked to ESPN.com talking about leaving Mexico to join WWE. Here is what Del Rio said about how his wrestling has improved since joining WWE: “I can say that I’m a better wrestler now that I’m in WWE because the way we work in WWE is totally different than what you see anywhere else. Here, we work with logic, and there’s a reason for everything we do in the ring. Whether it’s a dropkick or a punch, there’s a reason for everything. Lucha Libre style is beautiful, but in Lucha Libre, we just do things because it looks pretty, or it looks spectacular, but there’s no logic or anything. That’s why I think I’m a better wrestler now.”

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