John Cena Addresses Critics On Twitter

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Following last night’s RAW, John Cena took to his Twitter account to respond to comments from some of his fans and critics:

“CeNation. Amazing to see in times of crisis, and change, who your friends are. Thanks to all of u who never give up…. And for those that wish for our demise, now is when we rise above the hate, and overcome. Can’t wait to get my hands on Del Rio. Yawn ..stop looking at this bizz in black and white. I am not a ‘heel’ or a ‘face’, I am me. I find it comical that u truly believe. That archaic ideology still exists. Today, wwe fans cheer for who they please, which is why I love this company. I should mail u a pair of my shorts, because you’re stuck in 1993.

I thought I made it pretty clear at contract signing where I stood. I guess there’s a lot of folks out there whose capacity is as limited as ‘my offense’. :) I back those who back me. And those who back me, get ready for one Helluva few months! Rise Above Hate. This ‘soap box moment’ was brought to you by Fruity Pebbles. :) Thanks again to ALL those who never give up.”

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