John Cena & CM Punk Faceoff On WWE RAW – Details On Future Of Storyline

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During tonight’s WWE RAW broadcast, CM Punk officially returned to the company with his version of the WWE Championship and a new theme song (“Cult of Personality” by Living Colour; used by Punk in Ring of Honor) just moments after John Cena won his version of the WWE Championship from Rey Mysterio in a grueling main event. That, of course, came less than two hours after Rey Mysterio won the WWE Championship at the beginning of the show to become a first-time WWE Champion. This seems to confirm that Punk has indeed signed a new contract with WWE, if it wasn’t obvious enough as of late with Punk’s tactics both inside and outside of WWE sponsored locations.

With CM Punk returning to the company with the Championship and Cena winning the belt at the end of the show, it seems to be a given at this point that both will compete at WWE SummerSlam from Los Angeles, California next month, as has been the plan by the company. Punk was last seen on official WWE programming at the Money in the Bank PPV last Sunday when he defeated Cena to win the WWE Championship he came out with tonight. Vince McMahon, selling Punk leaving the company, would then announce a WWE Championship tournament last week that concluded with Mysterio winning the belt earlier tonight and then Cena getting a rematch at the end of tonight’s show, and winning the belt. As per the storyline, Punk’s name was “not allowed” to be used on television by the announcers or the talent.

13 Responses to “John Cena & CM Punk Faceoff On WWE RAW – Details On Future Of Storyline”

  1. Jenny says:

    Punk = ratings.

  2. Stealthslayer2476 says:

    His new music is not that cool i hope he goes back to this fire burns

  3. Brownieherrera7 says:

    i like his new theme what is the name?

  4. Elvis Maduro says:

    the way it was done was just dumb.  if he had come through the stands and posed, then been chased out of the arena by like police or security…that woulda maybe kept the storyline and confusion going.  i really dunno if i’m gonna watch anymore.  i stopped watching for yrs because of how predictable everything has been and still is…yet this one brought me back and i feel let down majorly right now.

  5. AlbertoDelRio says:

    The Champ Are Here !

  6. Colin C says:

    WWE failed once again. I already lost interest and John Laurinatis must be fired NOW! Punk should have done much more in the indies before coming back. Stupid Vince just wants the ratings for Summerslam. 

  7. Kevin B says:

    Why the hell would you want him back in the indies? He is money right now. I haven’t been extremely interested in years and I watch to see what Punk is going to do or say next, though now that he has a contract, it’ll probably fade.

  8. Mickey Smith says:

    I agree it should be dragged out longer, but understand it’s being done for summerslam sales.  I expect in the end we will see Punk leading a new cult… featuring Colt Cabana and the Kings of Wrestling.

  9. Fonzie Miranda76 says:

    sick and tired of jhon cena getting a title shot rey misterio got screw.Jhon cena must go

  10. Jagwansatish341 says:

    John Cena Loss to C M Punk but The Manager Say  to Cena After Losing the WWWE Belt

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