John Cena Calls Out The Rock On WWE RAW: Recap

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On WWE RAW tonight on the USA Network, they did an angle at the latter part of the show where John Cena “called out” the man that cost him the WWE Championship, The Rock. The Rock and Cena had a back-and-forth confrontation, setting the stage for their match at WrestleMania 28 from Miami, Florida:

John Cena comes out to a mixed reaction from the crowd and says a lot of people are upset about a certain someone’s actions at WrestleMania last night. Cena didn’t think that person’s actions would decide the winner of the WrestleMania main event. Cena says if this person didn’t do it, then the final moment of WrestleMania would have been a draw and that would have sucked. Cena congratulates The Miz and says he did it – he was able to walk into the WrestleMania main event WWE Champion and leave as WWE Champion. Cena says there’s something to be said for that. Cena says Miz is still the most annoying person on the earth but after his showing tonight, he has earned everyone’s respect. Cena says this brings him back to that certain someone and the crowd starts to chant “Rocky.”

Cena says that certain someone is here tonight and got involved in his business last night. Cena says that certain someone and he have business to settle right now. We get a long pause and finally, The Rock’s music hits and out he comes to a big pop.

Rock enters the ring and nothing is said. A “Fruity Pebbles” chant breaks out. The Rock asks Cena what did he think was going to happen. Rock says Cena knew payback was coming. The Rock goes on and says he respects Cena. This gets boo’s. The Rock says he knows what Cena has done. He knows Cena lives and breathes WWE. Rock realizes Cena has became one of the greatest WWE stars of all-time. This gets a mixed reaction. Rock says that doesn’t change the fact he just doesn’t like Cena. This gets a pop.

The Rock says he and Cena are complete opposites but are similar in the fact that when they do it, they want to be the best and do it better than everyone. Rock says however, he shops at department stores and Cena shops at Baby Gap. Cena says that’s fashion advice from the Tooth Fairy. Cena says the time of talking is over. He tells Rock to listen to the people. Cena says the people want a match and they pop. Cena says it’s obvious that this is what they should do. Cena asks Rock if he wants to talk about it or bring it. Cena takes his shirt off.

The Rock agrees to the challenge but wants it at WrestleMania 28 in 2012. The two shake on the match and it’s official. All of a sudden The Corre run down and beat Cena and The Rock down. Rock and Cena end up fighting them off and hitting their finishers. It seems like Rock and Cena are trying to outdo each other. They take out The Corre and come face to face on more time. They pose for fans separately as RAW goes off the air.

5 Responses to “John Cena Calls Out The Rock On WWE RAW: Recap”

  1. IEddaddy says:

    Ok this is bad business on wwe point. They bring back the rock which is a great move and then he goes after cena which is his choice possibly but The Rock lives on a schedule and now we need to wait till WM28 for this. I can’t wait a whole year. Who knows what next year brings. But I guess Rock is too busy and maybe they want to take heat off John cena which makes sense since he’s the face of the franchise. Even though I admire John cena when he’s up against the Rock I want to see his face get smashed but against anyone else I’m with Cena. Good finish though to Raw with both of them working together and shaking hands. Hopefully they’ll rekindle this again a year from now.

  2. Bill says:

    So rocky goes away to train, while Cena has to wrestle every week and pay per view? wtf?!?

  3. IrishJD says:

    I think Rock is staying around for a while and will have a couple matches, just not against John Cena. Perhaps he will team with Cena for awhile. And If the Rock is going away to train…I am glad for that because I would disdain to see him injured. This is actually a smart business move on WWE…but the problem we all want to see it now.

  4. mark says:

    Rock is afriad of john cena. if not why one year gap.because he didnt want john cena to disgrace him.

  5. wilson says:

    the rock is not afraid of john cena, such a match is wrestlemania and good business, if they had a match later the year, then have a rematch at wrestlemania, wrestlemania28 won’t be big like this year, I am sure the rematch won’t be a hit if u think about it.

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