John Cena Comments Further On New ‘Cena Sucks’ T-Shirt (Photo)

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As noted earlier today, WWE officially released a “Cena sucks” t-shirt this past weekend at the live events, effectively cashing in on the clear dislike of Cena by a proportion of the WWE audience. Considering that many WWE fans love to hate Cena and wouldn’t be caught purchasing a Cena t-shirt, this looks like this is WWE’s way of having it both ways and cashing in on both Cena’s fans and haters.

On Twitter, Cena explained the reason they released the t-shirt, claiming that the company has been asking him to release the t-shirt since since 2008, but he has repeatedly said “no” since then. He now claims that he has told the merchandising department that he no longer cares and that he is “fine with the way things are,” admitting that “some [people] like me” and that “some [people] don’t.”