John Cena Debuts New Look In Japan With Zubaz Pants (Photos)

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Regarding John Cena’s “new look” that he donned while on tour in Japan, it won’t be a permanent thing for his character. Many wrestlers have wore the Zubaz pants while touring in Japan and Cena seemed to take a page out of that semi-tradition. Afterward, Cena and other wrestlers went to the Ribera Steak House and ordered big steaks, something that Hulk Hogan, The Funk’s, the Road Warriors, and Bruiser Brody did in the 1980s, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

On Twitter, Cena wrote the following: “Had a great time in japan. Second night was throwback night. All hail “the dangerous man” Doug Bloodstone!”

Check out photos of John Cena wearing the Zubaz pants below and in the next couple of pages:

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