John Cena Explains Recent Japan Outfit, The Rock Set For Michael Bay Film

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In a new article on the WWE website, John Cena explains why he recently wore the Ribera Steakhouse jacket and the Zubaz pants at the last night of the two-night tour of Japan last week. “The tour was exhausting, I wanted to do it to pick up morale and give everyone something to talk about,” Cena said. WWE Champion CM Punk also weighed in on the significance of the jacket, “If you knew a guy that had a Ribera coat, that meant he did a tour of Japan. It’s a coveted thing.”

The Rock confirmed on Twitter today that he will be taking part in the Michael Bay film Pain and Gain, which is a bodybuilding comedy movie that will begin production in April 2012. According to a Variety report, Rock will appear in the film along with Mark Wahlberg. In a tweet on Tuesday, Rock said, “Fired up to make a movie w/ my bud Michael Bay.”