John Cena Says He Fears Manny Pacquiao

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During a recent interview with ABS-CBN News at WWE’s “Be A Star” event from Los Angeles last week to promote SummerSlam, WWE star John Cena spoke about what would happen if he ever stepped in the ring with boxing champion Manny Pacquiao. Cena had no problem admitting that Pacquiao would make short work of him:

“I think it would be very quick, and the decision would be obvious,” Cena said. “Manny Pacquiao will knock me out in the 1st round. If Manny will enter the WWE, I would have to work a lot on my quickness. He is lightning quick. So just give me a little bit of warning if he decides to (enter the WWE).”

“I have a lot of respect (for Pacquiao),” he added. “He’s done so much, not only for the Philippines. His popularity has transcended.”

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  1. dw says:

    it is not fear. it is respect.

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