Backstage News On John Cena Being Sent To SmackDown During 2011 WWE Draft

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During tonight’s 2011 edition of the annual WWE draft, a surprising draft pick was made right off the bat as John Cena, who arguably became the top star of the company when he was drafted from SmackDown to RAW back in 2005, was drafted back to SmackDown. The announcers, especially Michael Cole — despite him announcing for the blue brand — expressed outrage about Cena being drafted from the “A” show to the “B” show.

As of right now, there is no word on Cena will stick with SmackDown when things are said and done. In the past, big names such as Triple H have been sent to SmackDown only to be traded back when the Supplemental Draft takes place later this week on It is not a secret that Cena is the top star of the company currently, and Vince McMahon sees RAW as the top show. Therefore, if Cena is going to stay on the SmackDown brand when things are said and done, expect major SmackDown stars to be traded to RAW as the show progresses in place of him.

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