John Cena Signs Twitter Petition To ‘Give WWE Divas A Chance’

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John Cena took part in a petition that is making the rounds on Twitter to give WWE Divas a chance. It should be noted that Melina plugged the petition on her Twitter account just before she was given the boot from WWE.

The description of the petition is as follows: “WWE management has done nothing but treat the WWE Divas with disrespect over the past few months. Us fans feel as if we have been duped with 60 second matches that are rushed for various reasons. Quite simply, we have had enough. This is a message to WWE that there IS an audience for the Divas division and to treat ALL the women in the company with the respect they deserve. WWE talent such as CM Punk & Bret Hart have spoken out about the state of the Divas division and now we’re going to do what we can to show that we care. PLEASE sign the twitition & spread the word!”

You can sign the petition through Twitter by clicking here.

2 Responses to “John Cena Signs Twitter Petition To ‘Give WWE Divas A Chance’”

  1. josh frisby says:

    that sounds like a good great that would be good for them

  2. Acethestraight says:

    Gave it a chance since 2007, not anymore. WWF 1990 attitude era through 2004 of early WWE. I did give the show a chance 2005-07 but got boring afterwards. TNA pwns!

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