John Cena: The Rock’s Return To WWE, Being On The Road, Shawn Michaels

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John Cena participated in a sitdown interview with Madison Square Garden correspondent Alex Iglesias prior to Saturday night’s Raw live event at the venue. Highlights are as follows:

— Cena says that while Shawn Michaels is his all-time favorite tag team partner, it took time for the two to become friends. “He was one of those guys that – when I started – wasn’t too fond of me, but we ended up actually becoming really good friends,” Cena said. The fact that I was fortunate enough to hold the Tag Team Championships, even though it was for a short amount of time, was my most memorable.”

— Cena commented on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s return to WWE. He said, “I’ve wanted him to come back for five years now. I’m glad he’s finally back. I just hope he sticks around. I guess time will tell.”

— When asked if his wife gets upset with his strenuous road schedule with WWE, Cena said, “She does. But, we’ve known each other for quite some time. She knows that’s the way I’m built.” He added that he prioritizes things as “work first and everything else will sort itself out.”

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