John Cena: WWE Is Disrespecting Me By Releasing ‘Cena Sucks’ T-Shirts

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As noted previously, John Cena is claiming that he gave WWE the go-ahead to release the new anti-John Cena “Cena sucks” t-shirts that began selling over the weekend at WWE live events. Cena noted on Twitter that he caved to the company and told them they were able to release the t-shirt because they have been asking him to release it since 2008.

Cena replied to a tweet from a fan, agreeing that WWE was disrespecting him for releasing the merchandise. “Agreed. But WTF. Ignore it no longer. Its out there so those that wanna be like that should be able to voice their opinion. Like I said doesn’t change me one bit. Stay true..always have.. always will”

Of course, the comments by Cena is doing nothing more than working the fans because he’ll receive a percentage of the sales that WWE makes from the new anti-Cena t-shirts. Cena will now be making money from both his supporters as well as the fans that love to hate him.