John Morrison To Be Written Off WWE TV Due To Brodus Clay Attack?

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As reported for the past few weeks, John Morrison is leaving WWE due to his contract expiring this week. Morrison’s contract is expected to expire either this Tuesday or Wednesday after re-signing a short-term deal with the company. If he makes any more appearances, it is expected to be on tomorrow’s live RAW broadcast.

In fact, Brodus Clay — who has been promoted as to returning to the company for nearly a month now — teased attacking Morrison on his Twitter account today. Clay said that he would “destroy” him before the tweet was then deleted shortly afterward. Of course, this is possibly a hint at how the company is likely to going to write Morrison out of the storylines — by having the repackaged Clay returning to the company, attacking Morrison, and effectively writing him off TV.

It should be noted that it’s widely expected that Morrison will be appearing on WWE’s competition, TNA Wrestling, in the coming months and WWE may be looking for a way to weaken him and his character before he likely ultimately appears on the Spike TV promotion. While Vince McMahon often scoffs at the mention of TNA being competition, he isn’t a fan of the stars he “creates” betraying him and appearing on the competition.

Of course, now that this scenario has been leaked online, WWE may not end up going this route if they were going to do so in the first place. WWE creative writers and particularly Vince McMahon are keen on writing up scripts and then changing their minds at the flip of a coin. In fact, Clay has been scripted to return to television for weeks now but never appeared because of constant re-writes and time restraints.