John Morrison’s WWE RAW Write-Off Changed At The Last Minute

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John Morrison was effectively written off television last night via an on-screen “injury” he suffered at the hands of the Miz. Miz attacked Morrison during a Falls Count Anywhere match-up on the stage that left Morrison being stretched out of the arena on a gurney. Miz, who is receiving yet another high-profile push, promised to continue eliminating “dead weight” on next week’s episode.

We can confirm that there was backstage chatter of Brodus Clay be re-introduced on last night’s broadcast by eliminating Morrison, but they decided to have Miz attack him, give him a push, and once again delay Clay’s return to the company. Interim RAW General Manager, John Laurinaitis, talked about Clay in a backstage segment with David Otunga, noting that he is keeping Clay waiting at home which only will make him angrier when he eventually does return.

As for Morrison, his contract with WWE is officially up either today or tomorrow and is widely expected to appear in TNA Wrestling in the coming months, possibly with his real-life girlfriend Melina.