JR Blog: Thoughts On Kane’s RAW Promo, More On Austin’s Possible In-Ring Return

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Jim Ross has updated the blog section of his website JRsBarBQ.com where the Hall of Famer talked about Kane’s promo on RAW Monday, a follow-up to predicting that Stone Cold Steve Austin will return to the ring at WrestleMania 30, and more. Below are a few highlights:

JR on a follow-up on him predicting Austin will return to the ring at WrestleMania in 2013: “I casually mentioned on Twitter about a possible Steve Austin one more match scenario. I did this to answer a question and as a follow up to what Steve himself said in a recent interview. It would have to be the right guy at the right place and right time according to the Texas Rattlesnake. My suggestion was that the right time ‘might’ be at Wrestlemania in 2013. Nonetheless nothing is guaranteed and the decision is up to Steve and not any one else. However, doing it anywhere but Wrestlemania doesn’t make sense to me.”

JR on Kane’s promo on RAW: “Kane’s end of Raw promo was thought provoking and can be interrupted in a variety of ways. Unique way to end the broadcast and with the announcers laying out and not leading the audience it allowed fans to come to their own conclusions….at least for this week.”

JR on his WWE role these days: “While I appreciate everyone’s support of my work at ringside, it’s shocking to think that many folks believe that I can just walk back to ringside and resume my old role as simply as that. My role/style as a broadcaster changed many times throughout my career starting in the 70’s through the 2000’s. The product changed so my presentation had to change as well. The days of broadcasters doing a hold by hold version of play by play is seemingly out of touch in today’s marketplace. I’m not saying that I will never be back at a broadcast table but it isn’t something for which I am counting down the days. This isn’t a complaint by the way and being able to do other things to contribute to WWE’s on going success is rewarding to me at this stage of the game. I had my day at ringside and now it’s time to do other projects that positively affect the brand.”