JR Blogs About Money In The Bank: Praises CM Punk/John Cena, Christian, Daniel Bryan

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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted an extensive blog about last night’s WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view from Rosemont, Illinois, giving his thoughts on the highlights of the show — including the main event featuring CM Punk vs John Cena. Below are some of the highlights:

On John Cena vs CM Punk: CM Punk and John Cena had a scintillating main event that featured over 30 minutes of classic, old school wrestling. It took me back a generation, or so it seemed, and that match alone was worth the price of the PPV. My black hat is off to both men.

On Christian vs Randy Orton: Christian winning the World Title surprised me. Interesting way of doing it too as Orton’s anger management issues got the better of him. It makes for some provocative TV going forward on Smackdown. Bottom line is that I understood what occurred but was left wanting to know more of what will now happen especially to Orton due to his post match assault on the new World Champ.

On the SmackDown! Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Daniel Bryan winning the Smackdown MITB match was a shocker. I would have lost the farm on that one had I been a gambling man. However, I loved the outcome of this match. Bryan is a talented young man who has a spectacular skill set, is a high character person, and brings more steak than sizzle. I needed a reason to reinvest in Bryan and now I have it.

On the RAW Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Albert Del Rio’s victory in the Raw MITB Ladder Match was less of a surprise but made sense in that Del Rio’s been on a ‘roll’ and seems to be championship bound sooner than later. BTW Del Rio must have one helluva garage for all those high dollar vehicles that he drives but one has to assume that all his cars are ‘low mileage.’

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