JR Blogs About Randy Savage’s Cause Of Death, HBK/HHH, More

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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights of what JR talked about:

Randy Savage’s Cause Of Death: “Randy Savage’s death confirmed as a heart ailment. Apparently Macho Man’s heart was somewhat enlarged and he had some artery issues. As his brother Lanny said, at least Randy went quickly and did not suffer.”

“It’s always amazed me why so many athletes over the years don’t remain informed on their own health with regular doctor’s visits especially regarding one’s ticker. I do not know Randy’s situation nor am I referring particularly to him when I say that many wrestlers that I have known over the years have had a ‘bullet proof’ mentality and most rarely did not do annual stress tests, etc while being quick on the trigger to self diagnose a grocery list of ailments to facilitate meds to keep them ‘comfortable’ and to ‘be able to provide for their families.”

What Makes A Wrestling Superstar: “To me, the bottom line regarding a successful wrestler is charisma and athletic talent no matter one’s size. Plus, when a personal issue is well established in that mix, then and only then is there a chance to create a emotional investment from the consumers. Lots of elements have to come together to achieve the proper formula and as I have said and I believe the business is ripe for self motivated, aggressive talents to raise their game, get noticed and take the ball from the guy who’s holding it.”

HBK & Triple H Hunting Together: “HHH went on an alligator hunt with HBK this week for an episode of Shawn’s Outdoor Life Network show with an air date TBA. ‘The Game and The Gator’ should be the title of that broadcast. I’ll stick to watching ‘Swamp People’ and leave the Gator hunting to others.”